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I love to shop...Can I purchase my own product?

Some Designers offer a free initial consultation...

...Why don't you?

I love interior design and just need some feedback,

can I hire AMD for just a single meeting ? 

Can an interior designer manage my remodel?







I love to shop...Can I purchase my own product?

Yes.  We understand that so much is available online and with free returns, that it often can save you money when you are able to find and purchase products on your own.  We are happy to provide you with detailed specification information on any products that we specify.  Please let us know that you would like to purchase products on your own, and we will make sure all of the products we specify can be found on the retail market!

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Some designers offer a free initial consultation...why don't you?

The design industry has changed a lot in the last 15 years...and we are a progressive design firm!  We understand that you (our clients) have a lot more furniture knowledge and design ability than a client 15 years ago.  Before we walk into your home, we would be willing to bet that you already have a list of questions that you have been waiting to have answered.  So, our first appointments are packed with rich information and feedback.  Be prepared with every design question or dilemma you have had, and fire away!  Forget taking notes, bring an audio recorder!   We come ready to share our knowledge and experience in a way that "free" initial consultations cannot offer.  Many of our clients use us on an "as needed" basis, working away on their own and calling us for an appointment when they hit a roadblock. 

However, if you do decide to use our services on a consistent basis while working on your design project, this fee will be applied to your first design service invoice.  

And...If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your first appointment, let us know why and we will gladly offer you a refund!

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I love designing my own home and just need some feedback, how does that work?

We understand.  You are constantly inundated with design ideas and trends.  Sorting through the good, the bad and the ugly, might be all you need.  Our first consultations can be a 2 hour blowout brainstorming session, where we get to the bottom of your design dilemmas-and that might be all you need to successfully complete your home.  We also can work on an hourly basis, to help with shopping trips, arranging accessories in a room, or hanging artwork.  Just let us know that these are the services you are looking for and we will make sure you get only the design services you need.

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Can and interior designer manage my remodel?

Yes and no.  If you are planning on working with a general contractor, yes, AMD Interiors can manage the process of the project, as we can make sure that all goes according to plans and that there is no lapse in communication between you and your contractor.  We offer services that track and inspect your remodel to ensure that the finished product is what you intended it to be.

However, very few interior designers are general contractors, and AMD Interiors is no exception.  In the state of California, an interior designer is not allowed to act in any way that assumes the responsibility of a general contractor.  This includes paying contractors directly that are working on your home, as well as being to involved in scheduling and negotiating pricing.  If a designer offers these services, they must carry a contractors license in order to protect you and your home.

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