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This Service is perfect for the Do-it-Yourselfer who just needs some objective feedback, or a Homeowner who is searching for the a designer who can meet all of their needs. During this hour, we will answer as many of your questions as we can get to, and provide informative feedback on your design ideas.


We can also brainstorm remodel design layouts, furniture layouts, and provide material ideas or even select paint colors for your home. Be prepared to take notes (or invite a friend to do so), as this is a fast paced brainstorming session!


Please make sure you have all your ideas organized before your appointment so we can cover as much as possible. The more information about you and your home you have prepared, the more we can discuss. We suggest the following:


1) A prioritized list of questions

2) A set of plans for your current home, if you have one, or if it applies

3) Samples of materials you are considering

4) Images of Furniture or Materials you are considering

5) Images of Spaces that appeal to you (we suggest Houzz for this!)


We will contact you 48 hours before your appointment to discuss what you plan to discuss.

One Hour Brainstorming Session

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