We are so confident that you will be happy with our design service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all working first appointments!


Step 1


Get the answers to all of your design questions

An initial consultation is 2-2-1/2 hours and is rich with valuable information.  We want to be as prepared as possible and so include a 15 min preparatory phone call prior to the appointment.  The meeting can accomplish any of the following:

  • Design or Remodel Budget Planning

  • Furniture Layout for 1 to 2 rooms

  • Cabinetry Layout for 1 to 2 rooms

  • Window covering design

  • Paint selection

  • Preliminary Remodel design

  • Construction Plan review

  • Preliminary Material selection for kitchen, bathrooms or other areas of your home

  • Tile design for your kitchen or bathroom

  • Exterior Color Scheme

  • Flooring selection/design

  • Exterior hardscape design

  • Or simply discuss your design ideas with a pro!

  • During the initial consultation, the scope of your design needs will be established in the following areas:

    • We will help you understand what the best course of action for you based on your needs and your budget.  

    • How much money will your design goals cost?

    • How much time will your project require?

    • Who else needs to be involved in making your plan come to action?                         

    • What's the next step?

    • How much should you expect to pay in design fees, furnishings and construction costs?

This service is a offered for a fee of $600

This fee is applicable towards a design contract.

Step 2


Planning is the key to a successful design 

Whether you are building, remodeling, painting, purchasing or simply re-arranging, proper planning will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your design goals are expressed to the contractors you are working with.  

Our design packages are catered to each project and can include any of the following:

Construction planning

  • Interior and exterior Conceptual Design Plans

  • Revisions on existing architectural drawings

  • Detailed Design drawings

  • Hand and computer generated design renderings to bring your design to life

  • detailed cabinet designs

  • detailed tile designs

  • color schematics

Interior and Exterior Furnishings Design and Specification

  • Window treatment design and installation

  • Space planning

  • Furniture selection and design

  • Accessory arrangement and specification

Pricing varies by project.  

Step 3


We will stand by you to bring your design to life

If you are heading towards construction or just redesigning a room, we have the skills and experience guide you.


To ensure that all construction projects are completed as planned, collaboration, between homeowner, designer and contractor is vital.  Our project collaboration services are uniquely catered to each project and team. and include:

  • weekly team meetings

  • Daily email and phone access for questions and clarification

  • timeline specific meetings to review

    • rough in work​

    • tile layout

    • cabinet layout

    • countertop layout

    • final finish installation

The purchasing services that we offer for all furniture, window coverings and accessories, make finishing a room simple and painless. We bear the burden of all of these stressful details:

  • Placing orders

  • Order design details

  • Shipment and Receiving

  • Storage of purchased goods

  • Deliveries

  • Installation

  • Product repairs and warranty claims

Pricing varies by project.  

curious about the cost of design services for your entire project.  click here to see a basic menu of services.

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