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February 24, 2017

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The Art of Selecting the Perfect Wall Color

June 17, 2017


My son asked me yesterday, "Mom, why don't people paint their houses every color in the rainbow?"  My answer, "Dude, imagine yourself in a room with bright yellow walls.  How would you feel if you had to be in there for a long time?"  His response..."Oooooohhhh, I get it!"

Forget the fact that my 7 year old was able to grasp a concept faster than many adults (his third word was 'sample', after all)  Let's discuss how to go about selecting paint colors for your home.


1) Start with your furnishings:

Your wall color is the backdrop for the furniture and other details in your room, not the main event (except in 'accent rooms')  Begin your color styling by evaluating what would be a good backdrop color for the furnishings that you already have.  So many are looking for their walls to make the design statement, and while there are always exceptions to every rule, when you try to get a lot of bang out of your painting buck, you might end up with an explosion.




2) Decide what feeling you want out of your space:

Colors make you feel things.  This is a fact, not a theory.  You will never go into a fast food restaurant and see blue, I promise.  Always red and orange, as these colors make you hungry.  Red can make you feel angry as well, yellow-agitated, blue-lethargic, and pink is generally calming.  In general, lighter, neutral colors like white, ivory, beige and grey are more or less neutral in emotion.  As your color moves on the spectrum towards any of the previously mentioned colors, the emotion it is tied to increases.  Many people have mentioned that a yellow room makes them feel happy, this is because an excited feeling is very similar in physiological reaction to being overly excited or agitated by something.  So, select a neutral yellow and you get a subtly excited feeling by it.  So, then, decide: do you want this room to make you feel calm, happy, hungry, energized or neutral.  Here is a great visual from www.arttherapyblog.c