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FAVORITE THING ALERT! Desert Essence Tea Tree and Neem Toothpaste

I started using this toothpaste as a natural alternative to the our tried and sometimes true bulk pack at costco. When I started using it I was happy with the flavor and how well it cleaned my teeth. However, a huge side effect was that IT GOT RID OF CANKER SORES! I only got them every now and again, but noticed that after starting to use it, I had not gotten one in quite some time.

I have occasionally stopped using it, and when I got a canker sore, started back up, and it was gone in three days.

Most dramatic was the fact that my son had struggled with a pretty bad one for quite some time, months even, and I gave him a tube, and IT WAS GONE IN LESS THAN A WEEK! It returned when he ran out and forgot to tell me, then he asked me to buy more, and then it was gone again!

I have heard of other people having a similar effect from other toothpastes that do not have sulfates, but this has neem, which has natural healing properties.

(I am not getting paid for this, I just love this stuff! I'd love to hear from you, if you try it!)

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