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Who REALLY needs a Designer???

One of my favorite projects was a small condo. This couple had a young child and few dogs and had just moved into this home. We talked about the house, what she needed and wanted and then got down to the reality of budget. Most designers would have said, "That should cover the fees, but what about your budget for the furniture?" It nearly slipped out of my mouth...but that was me, not a few years before, young kids, no money, and just trying to get my house to a place that worked for me and my family and that I kind of felt ok with. She was so kind, I couldn't do it. So I said, I can make it work, because I knew I could (in a more unconventional way). We set up just two meetings after that: One marathon day at second hand shops and thrift stores, and one marathon setup day. Here dining and living room were beautiful, window coverings up, table set and pillows tossed. Few projects have brought so much pure joy, as standing back and looking at this project:

1) it was ENVIRONMENTALLY...very little packaging comes from second hand furniture, and it does not end up in the landfill!

2) The COST WAS A FRACTION of what it would have been brand new

3) it FUNCTIONED exactly as the homeowner had hoped and dreamed

4) Most importantly SHE LOVED IT and FELT GOOD IN HER HOME

Since that day, I recognized that the creativity of a designer has FOUR GOALS:

1) Establish and solve any problems with the FUNCTIONAL AND DESIGN NEEDS of your client


3) Establish a reasonable BUDGET FOR THE THINGS THEY NEED

4) Set forth a COURSE OF ACTION that your client can follow, with or without your help

Surprisingly, much of this can be done in ONE SINGLE MEETING! Taking the action will take more time and effort, of course, but for many, the input of a professional designer can quickly establish a list, budget and plan, that will make these steps SIMPLE AND FUN!

I offer a single working design appointment for all new clients. This provides an opportunity for prospective clients to solve their design dilemmas in a single 2-3 hour meeting. Bring it all to the table, from finding a place for your DOG'S FOOD BOWL, PAINT COLORS, WINDOW COVERINGS, EVEN PLANNING A KITCHEN REMODEL!

I am more proud to offer this service because I know that it is something we all, at times, have a need for. Spending the money or taking the time to work on projects is frustrating when the results are not what we thought we wanted or needed. This service can quickly and efficiently sort through a laundry list of ideas to establish the ones that will look, feel and function properly for your home and family.

If you live in Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, or anywhere in between, and would like an opportunity to qualify for a FREE WORKING DESIGN APPOINTMENT, please take the time to fill out this questionnaire. All qualifying* entrants who fill out the questionnaire will be mailed a coupon good 25% off of their working first appointment! ONE IN TEN ENTRIES WILL BE AWARDED!


*to qualify, you must live within a 25 mile radius of the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area

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